Review — Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick

Since this is my first review, I figured I should give you all a run down of my process. My reviews will be very similar to Stephanie Nicole’s — there will be no touch ups throughout the day, and I will check in every four hours with photos so you can see the wear.

Where you’ll see a real difference is in both the length of the review and what I eat. I work ten hour days, so my lipstick has to last at least that long. It’s for this reason that my reviews will be 12 hours instead of 8. Secondly, I LOVE food. Stephanie Nicole is usually really good about eating off of forks and drinking out of straws when doing lip reviews, but I will be eating and drinking normally. I like to chow down, and I need lipstick that can hang.

Let’s Get Started!

Today’s review is on Dose of Colors’ matte liquid lipstick in Coral Crush. I’d love to show you the box it came in, but I’m a dipshit and I threw it away. The packaging itself is absolutely gorgeous and the frosted glass has a lovely weight to it. Kinda makes you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Dose of Colors Coral Crush


I started by exfoliating my lips. Matte lipsticks are merciless bastards, and if you don’t exfoliate, you’ll end up looking like you have lip leprosy. I followed up with Skinfix Lip Repair Balm, which I let soak in while I did the rest of my makeup.

The color went on nice and smooth, no streaks.

My application was kind of slap dash. I only overdrew my lips because, despite being a grown ass woman, I can’t seem to color in the lines.

Meh. Whatever.

4 Hours In

I was cleaning the house during these first four hours, so I worked up a hell of a thirst. I drank a can of Coke and two glasses of iced tea. There was a little transfer onto the can and glass, but nothing too major.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m starting to get some crumblies around the inside of my lips, and there’s a little color that’s transferred onto the skin at the corner of my lips. Also, my skin is dry as fuck and I need a lip wax.

8 Hours In

I’ve been eating a lot. Like, a lot – a lot. I’m at a party and I’ve been noshing on tortilla chips, meats & cheeses, and brownies. I’ve also had some drinks — one out of a glass, and two out of cans.


There’s a change in lighting since I’m in my friend’s bathroom. You can see that there’s some significant wear around the inside of my lips, as well as a shit ton of crumbs, because I’m a fucking pig and didn’t even wipe my mouth.

12 Hours In

It’s midnight, and I want nothing more than to take my makeup off and go to bed. But I’ll take this picture first, because I love you guys.


There’s more wear on the inside of my lips, more crumbles, and the lipstick is settling into the lines of my lips. There’s also a bit of wear at the top of my lips.

All in all, for being on my lips for 12 hours with no touch-ups, this is some amazing liquid lipstick. It also layers like a dream. I would have shown you that, but I was so tired that I forgot. God damn it.

Dose of Colors Liquid Lips = 5/5

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