Review — LUSH “Let the Good Times Roll” Facial Cleanser, “Skin Drink” Facial Moisturizer, & “Popcorn” Lip Scrub

When I decided to switch to cruelty free, it was pretty obvious that my skincare products were in dire need of replacement. Since Trisha used to work at LUSH, she suggested I give their skincare line a try. She picked out a cleanser and moisturizer specifically meant for dry skin — since mine is a desert wasteland — as well as a fun lip scrub, perfect for prepping my kisser for matte lipsticks.

“Let the Good Times Roll” Facial Cleanser

LUSH Let the Good Times RollI tried out this cleanser in the store and was impressed by how well it exfoliated my skin (without the use of microbeads.) Since I only need a pea sized amount for each cleansing, 3.5 ounces should easily last a couple months — that’s with washing my face twice a day. Not bad for $12.95.

Pros: Exfoliates like a boss, leaves skin soft, great value for the price.

Cons: The smell is overpowering — so much so that I’m considering switching to another cleanser.

“Skin Drink” Facial Moisturizer

LUSH Skin Drink

Holy hell, do I love this fucking moisturizer! I balked when I saw the price — $24.95 for 1.5 ounces — but that was before I knew how little I needed to apply. I dip the pad of my pointer finger in the lotion, dot it in strategic locations on my face, and then rub it all in. I’ve been using it twice a day for a week, and it still looks untouched.  My face is sooooo soft now!

Pros: Smells earthy (roses and avocados), super moisturizing, a little goes a long way.

Cons: None!

“Popcorn” Lip Scrub

LUSH Lip ScrubBefore I bought this little baby I was using Tony Moly’s Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub — I’m never going back. This scrub is the best I’ve ever had. It does a fantastic job of getting rid of dry skin so I can wear a long-lasting matte lipstick without looking like my lips are shedding. It’s also completely edible. Scrub it on, lick off the remnants. $9.95 for .8 ounces.

Pros: Tasty, super exfoliating, a little goes a long way.

Cons: None!

After the experience I’ve had with these three products, I can’t wait to buy more from LUSH.

If you have a specific LUSH product you’d like us to try out, just let me know in the comments below or via email at


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