Review – Makeup Monsters Matte Liquid Lipstick

One day I was complaining to Trisha and Laura about one specific shade of lipstick that I’ve always wanted. It’s incredibly random, but ever since I saw The Mask as a small child I’ve been obsessed with Cameron Diaz’s lip color in one of the scenes in that movie and I’ve been on a search to find it ever since. In this conversation Trisha showed me a lip color she thought was close and she bought it for me. (She’s a doll, that one.) I tried it on and it’s pretty damn close I’d say. At last!


The color is called Terracotta and it’s a matte liquid lipstick by Makeup Monsters. First of all, it comes in a fun box showcasing their rad artwork and design. The lipstick tube itself has a good weight to it and also showcases their fun design. Really, I was sold on the look of their packaging before I even looked at the color of the lipstick. The applicator is a doe foot and made it easier to put on than any other types of lipstick I’ve tried – although, admittedly, that’s not many.

As we know, I don’t know much about makeup and I don’t wear much lipstick in 13625128_10206792617555104_1914341302_ngeneral, so my process is different from most in that I’m pretty much just making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve worn this lipstick twice and the first time I put it on I had to overdraw my lips because I just can’t stay inside the lines. Also, I should listen to Laura and Trisha when they tell me about how important moisturizer is when wearing matte lipstick especially. Almost immediately my lips felt dry and I kept licking my lips out of habit. Plus: it doesn’t taste that bad.

13652290_10206792699637156_1598023422_nThe first night I wore it for about 4 hours. I went to dinner, drank some beer, and sat outside chatting with some friends who I had gone out of town to see for their wedding reception. I noticed it transferring onto my napkin when I was eating, but I didn’t reapply it and it looked fine to me. Although, I was relieved to get it off at the end of the night and get some moisture on my lips. You live and you learn.

The next time I wore it was for my fiance’s high school reunion. I’m honestly not the type of girl to wear a ton of makeup in my normal day-to-day, so I had to wait for an opportunity to wear it that was more realistic than the first time I wore it. This time my lips didn’t feel nearly as dry and I applied it inside the lines like a grownup.

This time I wore it for almost 6 hours. I don’t really know what to use on your lips to 13652772_10206792699757159_419626211_nhelp keep them from feeling too dry, so I used the LUSH scrub and moisturizer that Trisha gave me on my lips even thought I don’t think that’s what it’s intended for. Either way, my lips didn’t feel nearly as dry as they did the first time. I drank two kalimotxos, had some appetizers, and gave my fiance a couple kisses and my lipstick stayed on just fine. For dinner I had a portobello mushroom burger and a salad and my lipstick didn’t hang so well with the juicy burger. I still didn’t reapply and it didn’t look awful, but I probably should have given it a little touch up.

Overall, I had a blast wearing this lipstick and I love that it matches the color I’ve always wanted almost perfectly. The color is great, it wears nicely, and for a girl that isn’t too into makeup it didn’t look really out of place on me. It did have more transfer than I’d like, but otherwise I think it’s amazing and it’s my new favorite lipstick. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 just because I am a lazy ass and would rather not have to reapply. For this color, though, I guess I’ll have to learn to do a quick touch up.

Look out Cameron Diaz.

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