10 Things You Should Know About Cruelty Free Products


My journey through cruelty free makeup has been filled with discovery. I know the basics of what cruelty free means, but there’s a ton that I just wasn’t aware of until starting this blog and discussing certain products with Trisha and Laura. I still don’t know everything – not by a long shot, but I’d like to share a quick list with those that may be like me and completely new to cruelty free products.

  1. It can be difficult to tell the legitimacy of a cruelty free product

When I’m checking if a product is cruelty free, I usually Google it and find the answer. Unfortunately, cruelty free is not an exact science and there are no set requirements for what that means. The leaping bunny logo is a great place to start, but it’s important to research the product AND it’s ingredients for cruelty free testing to be sure.

  1. Cruelty free and Vegan is not the same thing

A cruelty free product has no animal testing and a vegan product has no animal ingredients or byproducts. There can be cruelty free products that aren’t vegan and vegan products that aren’t cruelty free. There are products that are both and products that are neither.

  1. Many products you already use are cruelty free

Lush, E.L.F., and NYX are all cruelty free products that are common enough and also happen to be cruelty free. And you can find lists of cruelty free products everywhere on the web!

  1. Not all cruelty free products are expensive

Wet n Wild, Hard Candy, Paul Mitchell, and Burt’s Bees are all beauty products I’ve bought at cheap outlets and grocery stores that are cruelty free.

  1. Animal testing is unnecessary

Our beauty products are tested on animals in painful and terrible ways. It’s an outdated practice and there are many alternatives to animal testing that make such a barbaric practice unnecessary. There are no U.S. laws that require animal testing, and plenty of years of data making the process of animal testing unnecessary.

  1. Makeup salespeople can help

I’m just starting this journey, so I don’t always know which brands are cruelty free when I walk into a store. Fortunately, many sales people I’ve spoken to have been able to tell me which brands are cruelty free. At Walgreen’s or Target I’m on my own, but otherwise I always have help.

  1. The biggest brands still test on animals

L’Oreal, Revlon, and Olay are among the big brands that continue to test on animals, which surprised me since they are so popular and the companies are so wealthy. The issue: China requires many products to be tested on animals.

  1. Change is coming

Cruelty free products are in demand and manufacturers are being forced to listen. President Obama signed a bill that will dramatically reduce animal testing. More and more products are utilizing their vegan and cruelty free status for marketing.

  1. The change can be gradual

If you’re like me you can’t throw away all of your makeup and go buy an entire supply of cruelty free makeup – my bills won’t allow it. When you run out of a product, go buy a cruelty free product to replace it. You don’t have to make the change all at once.

  1. Every small change matters

It’s overwhelming how many animals suffer from unnecessary testing for our makeup. But every person that makes one small change in buying cruelty free products might change the circumstances for even one animal and help bring change.

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