Review: Kat Von D Lock – It Foundation

Let’s just get right out and say it, I love this foundation. I just cannot say enough positive things: the coverage is fantastic, it’s not too drying, and it doesn’t look cakey on my skin.

I have oily skin. Not combination oily or oily sometimes, OILY. It’s been a struggle for most of my makeup years to find something that would mattify my skin without making it look dull, flaky, or like I have a pound of makeup on. This stuff totally does the trick for me. I honestly have no idea why I didn’t take the plunge sooner.

This foundation is $35 which I feel is quite affordable for a quality makeup. You get a full ounce of foundation as well, which many other brands don’t provide. I only need 1 – 2 pumps of foundation to do my entire face. So, in the end I am going to get a lot of use out of this makeup.

My shade is Light Warm 45 (which is the same shade Kat wears herself!) and consists of mostly yellow undertones and matches my skin extremely well. There are no harsh makeup lines here! There are 20 shades total in this line, which is a pretty good spread between light, medium, and dark shades.


The packaging was actually just redesigned and it looks fantastic. It’s in a sturdy acrylic cylinder with beautiful artwork on the outside. You can see right through to the product inside and there is a handy pump on top. I must say I am beyond excited about that. Not only is my skin oily, it is very finicky. Every time I have used products on my face that are in tubs or jars, my face always breaks out towards the end of the product. Even though I always wash my hands before dipping into moisturizer or whatever, there is still a small amount of bacteria deposited from your fingers each time you touch the product. I wish that all my favorite brands would go to pumps. It is just so much more hygienic, but I digress.

I wore this the first day for about 14 hours with zero touch ups and was very impressed. I blended the foundation out with a beauty blender dupe and it sat on my skin very nicely. Even though this foundation has very high coverage it really didn’t look like I was packing it on. In some reviews I have seen that people can seem to get away with 1 pump for their entire face, but it seems that I usually need about 1 1/2 pumps to get a really clean and even finish. That could be because I am so oily, but either way I’m not upset about it 🙂


My face did start to get a little bit shiny towards the end of the day, but nothing like it normally does. Most people that I asked told me that I looked quite matte, but not in a “full face of makeup” type of way. It looked to me like it was more of a healthy glow and I was very satisfied by that.

The foundation did not wear off at all and wasn’t smeared in the slightest if I accidentally rubbed my face with my hand. It really stayed in place and held my powder, blush, and highlight very well for the entire day.

There were a couple of areas (like around my nose and blemishes) that I felt I couldn’t blend with expert precision. So, there was a tiny bit of extra foundation around those areas, but it was nothing that anyone else could notice. That was just my failed application technique and I could only see those areas super up close in my mirror.

Nonetheless, I decided to use a brush on the second day of application and I think it went on even more flawlessly than with a beauty blender. However, that is just my preference and there really wasn’t any noticeable difference to those around me.


All in all, it is a great foundation with very long wear and is excellent for oily skinned folks like myself. I feel like I’ve been missing out on natural, but also matte looking skin for far too long!

If you happen to have combination skin, I still think this this is a product you can use. Just keep in mind the mattifying power that it holds. You may need to give your skin some extra moisture before and after wearing this makeup if you are craving that matte look (like I am). If satin or dewy complexions are more your thing, then I probably would not suggest this foundation.

A dewy setting spray and highlight can definitely be added to this foundation to break up a little bit of the matte-ness, but it might just be easier for you and your wallet to purchase a dewy or satin finish foundation instead.

If you have dry skin I don’t think I could suggest this product and feel good about myself. It definitely sticks in place and soaks up any oil on your face. So, it could potentially dry the heck out of some already chronically dry skin and I definitely don’t want that for you.

Thank you KVD for bestowing upon me your mystical potion of matte perfection. Never again will I doubt my shininess. Never again will I fear that my makeup has melted off of my oil slick of a face (even in 100 degree heat – I tested it). Thank you for showing some love to the oily people of the world.

Love love love love love, Trisha.




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