Finding my Wedding Lipstick

I’m the type of girl that really should try on everything I consider buying before I buy it. I can’t tell you how many pants, shirts, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, bras, and jackets I’ve purchased without trying them on first and now they just sit in my life and take up space. This is because I’m also the type of girl that never returns anything once I’ve purchased it, even if I hate it – I guess it’s easier to glare at it in disdain for the rest of my life than it is to take it back and get something I like…

However, wedding stuff is a whole different story. Everything must be tested before hand. I tried on an annoying amount of wedding dresses before finding the perfect one. I’ve found the right shoes, had my hair trial, and now it’s time for my makeup trial. My makeup artist has everything I will need for the big day, except for the lipstick. Thank god for Trisha and Laura because they dropped about 10 lipsticks on my desk for me to try on. Here are the six I tried, and I think I’ve found the perfect one for my wedding day.

I only wore each lipstick for less than five minutes, so these will not work as full reviews of each, but rather my first impression of each. I did not use any photo filters in order to show the correct colors and keep the comparisons consistent. Also, Trisha and Laura didn’t tell me how to remove these until the next day (Hint: You use oil, not baby wipes) so my face does progressively get redder throughout the photos.


NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipstick – Tea & Cookies

This was the only brand I actually had experience with firsthand before wearing this lipstick. I love NYX because the price is right up my frugal alley. I put this on and loved the feel and color of this lipstick. It was a little too pink for my liking, but I enjoyed wearing it. It came off pretty easily, but wasn’t on my lips for a long period of time, so I’m not sure how relevant that observation was. This wont be my wedding lipstick, but I will be buying this brand in another color at some point.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Noble 

I was actually most excited to try this one on. The color in the tube looked most like what I was looking for, and I have been looking forward to trying some of her products. This shade was a little too light and too orange for me, but this stuff would NOT come off my lips. It was amazing, and I would have been more impressed had I not been in such a hurry to try them all on  while I still had natural light for the photos. Everlasting is right, this lipstick seems like it would stay on your lips until the end of time.

Too Faced Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick – Queen B

Spoiler alert: This is the color I’m wearing for my wedding. I knew it right when I tried it on and almost didn’t try on any other shade. The color seemed like it would be too dark in the bottle, but it showed up a little lighter on my lips. It felt soft, durable, and looked great. The unfortunate thing is that it’s so popular that Ulta was sold out of it when I went to buy it, luckily I can buy it online. I love love love this color.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – Craft 

This color was my second favorite, but I need a low-maintenance lipstick that doesn’t require a lot of reapplication and I find that bolder shades require more upkeep. I don’t know this for sure, mind you, since I only wore this for a few minutes. However, this lipstick pleasantly surprised me since I never thought I could pull off such a dark shade. Maybe someday when I can remember to reapply makeup I can try something this dark, but I did love this lipstick.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip – Louvre Palace 

This color was also a little lighter on me than I anticipated, and the quality of the product was a little below what I expected. Perhaps the reason for my reaction was because I had just put on and taken off four other amazing lipsticks, but I was not as impressed with this color or brand. But, again, perhaps my lips had just seen a little too much trauma attempting to rub off the other lipsticks before trying this one on.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Rose Matter

First off, I almost didn’t try this lipstick on at all, and not just because my lips at this point felt like they were going to fall off in a chapped, bloody mess. I’ve been less than impressed with the character of Jeffree Star, so even if I liked this lipstick I wouldn’t be purchasing it, but I decided to try it on anyway. I have to tell you, it’s a shame that I can’t support him because this lipstick was great. The color wasn’t my favorite, but the smell, applicator, and feel of the product was surprisingly amazing. It’s a bummer, but it’s something I’d rather not support.

Trying on all of these products was fun and told me a lot about which colors looked best on me. Since so many lipsticks look different in the packaging than they do on you, I know I’d be making the classic Chelsy mistake and buy one that I didn’t like if I hadn’t had the opportunity to try them on first. I’m so excited to try this lipstick on for my makeup trial and hopefully it’s the color I’ll be wearing at my wedding. Also, it was a learning experience in how to remove long wear lipsticks from my face… Good thing I own a lot of ChapStick.

Big thanks to Trisha and Laura for letting me try on a small portion of their obscene lipstick collections!

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