A Lipstick for Every Season


Pumpkin spice, cold weather, pumpkin carving, over-the-top Halloween decor, costume planning, and hearty soups are all characteristics of the time of year that each of us hold close to our hearts. Another aspect to this time of year that the bunnies love is the lip colors that are associated with the changing seasons. It’s not just fall that comes with great lip color, either. Each season brings with it a feeling, a motif, and a correlation of colors and patterns that many of us can identify – but it’s not the same for everyone.So each of the us has chosen the lip color that we associate with each season in honor of fall, our favorite season of them all.


Laura: Soft Pink
Trisha: Light pastel pinks, nudes, and mauves
Chelsy: Soft oranges and pinks


Laura: Bright coral
Trisha: Loud bright colors like coral, orange, and hot pink
Chelsy: Bright purples


Laura: Rich burgundy
Trisha: Dark plum or warm brown
Chelsy: Deep reds


Laura: Deep purple
Trisha: Red or berry
Chelsy: Dark browns


When we think of the lipstick colors that match with our views of each season, these are the colors that stick out to us. Spring is soft, summer is loud, fall is rich, winter is deep. However, we also think that lipstick colors are great for every season and can match our mood or our outfit just as much as the season. So you slap on some coral lipstick and go to a haunted house if you feel like it!

Happy fall, everyone!


Photo credits:
* These images are provided for color reference only, not as an endorsement of the product

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