Foundation Face-Off

Since my gradual switch to cruelty-free makeup, I’ve now tried two different types of foundation: Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation and bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. I currently go back and forth and wear both at different times during the week and I’ll highlight the differences in my impressions of both. 

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation

For a complete review of this product, I’d check out what Trisha has to say about it. Her reviews are way more in depth than mine – and she just generally knows what she’s talking about way more than I do. I’d have to say that I mostly agree with Trisha in that I super dig this product. I can’t believe how far this foundation goes. One pump is almost too much for my face if I use my fingers to apply it – which I still do even though I know I shouldn’t. When I use my brush I still just use one pump.

I wear this foundation on the weekends or when I’m really trying to look more put together than normal because it takes longer to apply than other foundations for me. Unlike Trisha’s impression of it, I find that it looks cakey on my face sometimes. This might be because I am not applying it correctly and using my hands on occassion… I’m not really sure. I’m still a makeup noob. Also, I’ve discovered that my skin that I originally thought was so oily might actually be combination and this foundation is drying me out in my dry areas making my skin flakey. As a result, I have to use primer (because Lo told me to) and it seems to help, but for lazy makeup Chelsy that’s a whole other step and just feels like I’m putting foundation on twice. For that reason, it’s not a daily wear makeup for me.

I bought this foundation to try to get my skin to look as matte and perfect as Laura’s and Trisha’s and it didn’t seem to do that for me – I suspect it’s due to a combination between my issues with applying it correctly and my skin being more dry than I thought. However, I amm still impressed with it. I suspect I’ll have it for the rest of my life since I could cover my entire body with one generous pump.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

This foundation is my every day foundation. It’s easy to apply and reminds me of my old foundation I used to use before I switched to cruelty-free. Unlike the Lock-it foundation, it’s not a pump and just squeezes out of the tube. I do believe I need more of this product to cover my whole face than the Lock-it, but I suspect that’s true for many different foundations out there. Kat Von D must be using some sort of witchcraft to make her product cover so much with so little.

I use this product with my hands as well and it goes on easily and without much effort unlike the Lock-it foundation. It doesn’t look cakey or take a lot of work to blend, but I did find that it felt a bit tacky and looked a bit shiney. However, it does seem to work better for my combination skin than the other. For this reason I use it for every day use. It’s easier to apply and I don’t really care if I look shiney while I’m at work or running errands. Unlike the Lock-it I do use a white finishing powder in order to look more matte and less like my cheeks, chin, and T-zone are sweating.

I bought this foundation as my very first cruelty-free foundation once we started this blog. Originally I was using a Covergirl foundation and I was looking for something similar – especially in price. However, I’m learning that $6 foundation is far in my past and I’ll have to spend a little bit of money if I want to wear quality products. There are cheaper cruelty-free foundations available like NYX, Wet n Wild, or E.L.F that I may try in the future, but I am enjoying the quality of these more expensive products for now. That is, until I run out of money from buying so much expensive makeup – then I might be back to cheaper alternatives.


I like and dislike both products for different reasons. I don’t think I’ll buy another foundation until I’m out of these, so apparently I’ll never buy foundation again as long as I have the Lock-it foundation since it lasts so long… I’m not unhappy, but I’m not married to these foundations either. They are similar in price – around 30$ to 35$ and are meant for two different types of skin.

Really, I wish I had the patience and correct skin type for the Lock-it foundation. Or I wish that the bareMinerals foundation didn’t make me look shiney. There’s enough negatives to leave me wanting something different, but enough positives to make me feel okay with wearing both until I’m out.

Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation: 

I love that I need just one pump for my whole face

I like what the finished product looks like more than the other

I don’t like that it makes me look cakey and that it takes longer to blend

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue:

I love that it’s easy to apply without having to blend too much

I don’t like that I look shiney and feel sticky without finishing powder


For now these foundations provide me with different types of coverage I need depending on the day. They are fulfilling their purpose for now until I go on a search to find the perfect foundation for my face. Maybe I should learn to use a brush or blender first, though…

Baby steps.


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