Review: Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

IMG_3827 (1)

Hello all! It’s been a minute since I posted something here on the blog. So, I sincerely apologize about that. Life, ya know? Anyway, today I am thrilled to do a review today of the Alchemist palette from Kat Von D!

I got this palette around Christmas and have used it as much as possible to really give it a go before reviewing it. I had no idea just how incredibly popular it would be. I’ve been inside Sephora a few times since I got it and its always 100% sold out. In addition, it’s usually sold out online too! So, you might have to be patient if you’ve really got your eye on this palette. But before I encourage you to buy it (spoilers: I do) let’s break down all the deets, shall we?


The packaging is so incredibly beautiful that I almost can’t even look at it. The crisp, clean, and simple white design is so eye catching that I almost want to put it on display. When you open it up the shades are set against a black background, which makes sense because these are all highlight shades and it is probably very difficult to see their true beauty against a white background. Although, I found myself wishing that the inside was prettier, but that’s probably just me.

IMG_3814 (1)

The Alchemist Holographic Palette comes in 4 prismatic shades and costs $32. The pan size is a little bit bigger than other eye shadows that I’ve purchased in the past, but that’s just me eyeballing it. I don’t feel guilty not knowing the exact math comparison because I truly think these shades are worth it. Given the unique properties of these particular shades, I’d say that they are along the same lines as a pricey individual shadow, which can cost you a pretty penny. I had my eye on a fancy duo-chrome shade from Urban Decay which would have cost about $20 by itself. So, as far as price goes, I think it’s a good deal if you want something that is definitely multi-purposed.

Top to bottom on the left photo: pink, blue, purple, green. Top to bottom on the right photo: pink, purple, green, blue.

As I stated, the palette comes in 4 shades: emerald (green), opal (pink), amethyst (purple), and saphyre (blue). Now, I will say this – I don’t think all of them look great on my skin. I really thought that I would love all of the colors, and in a way I do, but I definitely find myself gravitating towards opal and amethyst (I’m wearing amethyst on my cheeks, cupids bow, chin, and nose in the above photo). I have a very yellow complexion and I find that opal and amethyst look much better on my skin because my complexion is warm. However, I am still definitely going to keep using the other shades – BECAUSE THEY ARE FLIPPIN’ GORGEOUS.

Color focus on left: purple and green. Color focus on the right: pink and blue.

The other small downside, in my opinion, is the fact that the shadows are kind of powdery. If I use a brush I find that I get some dust-action happening when I apply them to my face. This always gives me the impression that product is being wasted and it’s not 100% landing where I want it to on my face. When I use my fingers, I feel like it gets kinda caked up on them and once I end up using too much. I think it definitely applies best with a brush when I use it as a highlight on my cheeks, but if I want to put a little bit on my brow arch, cupids bow, or nose, I prefer to use my finger.

Color focus on the left: purple and green. Color focus on the right: pink and blue.

These are very pearlescent shades. I have found that less is very much more when it comes to this product. It leaves a gorgeous glistening glow that changes color just a tad, depending on what type of lighting you’re in. With that being said, they are definitely not holographic. Just no. Holographic shows all colors in the spectrum (it looks like a rainbow) and this does not do that. They are drop dead gorgeous shades, but they aren’t holographic.

One thing I haven’t experimented much with is placing the shades over the top of shadows and lipsticks. I have seen swatches of how it can transform a flat, dull color into a prismatic dream, but I haven’t really exploited this palette’s full potential yet. It should be noted that I usually don’t care to have so much glow on my face that I can be seen from space, but I think many other instagrammers pull it off flawlessly. If you are into that kind of look this is undoubtedly the palette to go for. YAS QUEEN YAS.

To sum up, I give this product 4 cosmic fairies out of 5. It’s a fantastic addition to any makeup collection. It’s absolutely beautiful and makes me feel like a glowing space princess whenever I put it on my face. If you aren’t that into highlight, then I wouldn’t waste your money, but for the rest of us – let’s GLOW! 🙂

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