Guest Bunny – Lizz

To continue my quest in learning about makeup from my friends, I’ve recruited this redheaded bombshell, Lizz, as our next Guest Bunny. We have bonded over feminist rants and our mutual love for cheap wine – plus she’s one of the prettiest people I’ve seen in real life. Her makeup is so flawless she sometimes doesn’t even look like a real person. (Maybe she is some sort of makeup cyborg? Her mortality has yet to be seen.) And now, without further ado, here is Lizz!

untitledMy name is Lizz Naughton *hi Lizz!* – and… I have a makeup addiction. Since I could see over the counter, I was in my mom’s makeup. I loved matching my eye shadow to my shirts in 6th grade – and really haven’t stopped doing that… just made it less noticeable, maybe. When I would get in trouble, my dad would ground me from my makeup. It was terrible.

What type of makeup can you not live without?

I cannot live without eye makeup: eyeliner, brows, and mascara. If I was stranded on a deserted island, that would be the first thing I’d need.

What’s the best makeup tip you can give to idiots like Chelsy that don’t know shit about makeup?

Invest in some brushes… yes, you do too need them. It will change the way you do eyeshadow, blend blush/bronzer, and even apply foundation. Decent brushes really that aren’t expensive and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

How comfortable do you feel wearing no makeup at all?

For as obsessed as I am, I actually frequently do No Makeup Days! It helps that I recently started getting eyelash extensions in—but even before that, on Sundays you’d rarely find me put together.

Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?

Depends! I rarely use my hands anymore [that’s what she said and I’m not sorry] – because like I mentioned, BRUSHES ARE KEY.

If I’m contouring that day (typically only if I’m going out and about) I’ll use a foundation brush for my base, then blend my contour (dark and highlight creams) in with a dampened sponge.  If it’s a basic workday, then I use my foundation brush.

On average, how many days a week do you wash your face instead of sleeping with makeup on? How serious are you about skin care?

Oh, gawd honey – no. I rarely sleep with my makeup on.

I’m quite serious about skincare and it’s 90% because I get really bad acne. I use a makeup remover cloth for my face, a special oil-free eye makeup remover for the eye area (eyelash extension safe), then a 3-step cleanser and treatment program for my acne—each and every night. That all being said, sometimes I drink too much and fall asleep… So, the next morning I do all of that in shame (and weep openly at my poor decisions).

Do you contour? If you do, what are your contouring tips?

I sure do, but like I mentioned above, only when I’m getting fancy. My day-to-day look for work is a bronzer and blush thing, which sort of gives the illusion of a contour.

Since I’m quite pale, this was something I became very obsessed with mastering and it all started about 4 years ago. Through a lot of trial and error, I found a “duel stick” by NYX. Side note: they don’t test on animals and this specific product is vegan, but check each label, folks. They don’t have a perfect reputation…

Regardless, this “duel stick” (hilarious, I know) has a “dark” and “highlight” side – making it so easy to literally draw on the contour. After that I blend, blend, blend with a lightly dampened sponge and finish with a translucent setting powder. What people might not know is: you still need to use a little bronzer under your blush, even after applying a cream contour… especially for those of us fair-skinned peeps.

Who’s your makeup idol?

Jaclyn Hill – every god damn day.

What is your skin type?

Dryyyyyy. Blehhhh.

What are some of your other obsessions?

I love baking and cooking. I want my own Food Network show. I also really love being a bonus mom—making kid crafts, playing in the garden with him, watching him learn, teaching him stuff… he’s the best.

What do you think is your signature makeup look?

Warm orange, brown, and gold blended shadow with a cat eyeliner, big lashes, poppin’ highlight, and ruby red lips.

Do you watch beauty tutorials on YouTube? Tell us who you love and why.

I do! I watch Jaclyn Hill, Jefferey Star, Manny Mua, and this other British gal I can’t seem to remember… nevertheless. I love Jaclyn Hill the most. My sister in law showed me her ways, and she changed my life. Not only is she super rad, she’s really good at what she does and shows you inexpensive hacks. She also collaborates with other YouTube personalities, which I think it great. She recently came out with a blush and highlight pallet and it’s THE BEST. I wear it every day.

Fun facts: Jefferey and Manny are actually best friends (#squadgoals) and they’re hilarious. Jeffery Star cosmetics has been featured on Rupaul’s Drag Race (yaaaaas Queen!). Manny is now the official Maybelline Boy (crushin’ it!). I also follow these three people on SnapChat, so yes I do feel like they’re my actual friends.

I probably need more hobbies. I realize this.

What is your beauty motto?

Makeup should be fun! Be your sassy self!

Is there a makeup look you long for that you just can’t pull off or one that you haven’t been able to create?

The colorful liners on the bottom lid – I typically look like a Hot Topic employee when I attempt this. Not a bad thing, just like… not what I’m going for.

How long does it take you to do your makeup on an average day?

Average day? Like 15 to 20 minutes.

How much money per month would you say you spend on makeup? No judgement, our blog is called the three BROKE bunnies, after all.

I spend a good amount on nicer products that last me a few months at a time – so probably between $40 to $50 on makeup average, per month. I used to buy really cheap makeup, but I’ve learned in my older age it’s better to spend more money up front.

Are you surprised that any of your makeup products are/aren’t cruelty free. Please speak on that.

I use a lot of Morphe and NYX – both of which have stepped up their games. Morphe has a couple of brushes made out of animal hair, but they put it right on the description. I prefer synthetic brushes for the ethical aspect, but there’s some artists who like the fur.

Wet n Wild is also changing their formulas and getting a lot better. They no longer test on animals and most of their products are vegan. I haven’t purchased their brand in a while… but, there’s a Wet n Wild foundation that’s quite popular on the YouTube right now among beauty experts. I’ll be trying it out.


Thank you, Lizz, for answering our questions as a Guest Bunny and for sharing your views on makeup. Also, everything about you is flawless. Come play with makeup with us someday!


The Bunnies 


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