Review – NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

1Unlike most of my makeup loving sisters out there, I don’t really watch makeup tutorials. For no other reason other than that it’s intimidating and I don’t like feeling that inadequate. However, since I spend a ton of my free (and not so free) time frequenting Buzzfeed, I saw a post about a girl doing a YouTube makeup tutorial who was hilarious. You may remember her, her name is Morgan and she’s the best. Here’s her video. Our makeup routine is shockingly similar in content, but not in application. I say bad words and make fun of myself, but my end result isn’t nearly as flawless as hers. Much respect to Morgan! (Please be my best friend). And I died laughing through the entire video.

As a quick disclaimer, I’m not sure all of the products she uses are cruelty free. However, at the end of the video, I recognized the brand of liquid lipstick she was wearing as one that was cruelty free even though I was barely submersed in the makeup game at the time. The brand was NYX, the color was Push Up, and I wanted it badly. So, even though I am on a tight budget this month, I ran to Ulta and bought it!


And now I’m here to tell you all about it!

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! I now have four lipsticks, and I love all of them. But this one, 2this one is super rad. First of all the color is exactly what I want. When I wear it you can tell I’m wearing something, but it’s a nude color and doesn’t look like it’s too much. I’m constantly trying not to wear a lipstick too flashy for my outfit, which is almost always dirty jeans and a zip-up hoodie, and this lipstick is perfect. The photos I took are filter-less in order to show the exact color as well as I can. I needed an everyday lipstick to wear, and I found it.

It was $7, and the applicator was soft, but not as convenient as the doe foot applicator on some of my other lipsticks. It took a few passes in order to get the color and layering just right, otherwise it’s light enough that I wasn’t anxious trying to line my lips with it perfectly. I’ve worn this lipstick a few times and it’s pleased me every time. It doesn’t stay on as well as some of my other lipstick brands, but I didn’t mind the smudged look as much as I would with a darker color that is less forgiving as it fades or comes off. Also, it did leave my lips feeling dry, so if you’re sensitive to that I’d look another direction for the lipstick that’s right for you.

Positives: Price, color

Negatives: Longevity, dry lips

4I need a low-maintenance lipstick that doesn’t require reapplication through the night and this lipstick did that for me through snacking, a few drinks, and hours of me touching my face. However, I think a lot of the low-maintenance aspects of this lipstick has to do with the color. I imagine if it were a more contrasting color it would take more upkeep because the wear would be a lot more noticeable.

Despite all of those things, I will probably wear this lipstick more than any of my other ones. It’s a great price, it’s the perfect nude color that doesn’t wash out my lips, and it’s just low-maintenance enough to keep me happy throughout the day. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Thank you, Morgan from YouTube, for inspiring me to by this lipstick!


For real though, let’s be besties.


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