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When I met Kara, we spent most of our time covered in mud with dirt in our hair and used dust as foundation. We were working on an off-roading tour in Ketchikan, Alaska and makeup was not a thing we discussed. However, since our time back in the lower 48 I’ve noticed her normal look (when not out in the wilderness or at the gym) is pretty fierce. She’s also super hilarious, determined as ever, and she also dominated the bouquet toss at my wedding. Welcome to our little blog, girlfriend!

KaraHey! I’m Kara and I honestly didn’t care about makeup whatsoever until the past couple of years, mainly when I had my moment of spontaneity and chopped off all of my hair into long pixie. Once it sank in that my long locks were gone, I felt the need to maintain my femininity by developing my makeup skills so I didn’t feel so boyish. I have since become comfortable with my short hair and makeup has become a type of therapy rather than a necessity.

What type of makeup can you not live without?

I can’t live without my brow pomade and mascara.

What’s the best makeup tip you can give to idiots like Chelsy that don’t know shit about makeup?

The best tip I can give since I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a makeup connoisseur, is to apply your makeup in natural lighting. There have been many instances during my early trial and error period with foundation where I would apply it in my bathroom with lighting that is less than ideal, and I would later discover that my foundation was not covering my face the way it should.

How comfortable do you feel wearing no makeup at all?

I honestly don’t like to be without some type of makeup, especially after learning how to create quick and easy looks for when I am in a time crunch. If I’m at home or around family, I don’t care about going bare-faced, but in public I definitely prefer some type of face paint.

Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?

I’ve tried all three methods and I prefer to just apply my foundation with two fingers. I’ve noticed my sponges sometime absorb my foundation and although I do like the way my foundation looks when applied with a brush, I get too impatient when using a brush.

On average, how many days a week do you wash your face instead of sleeping with makeup on? How serious are you about skin care?

I’m not the most diligent with my skin care routine. Most days I don’t wash off my makeup until I take a shower the next morning where I’ll use a sugar scrub to get the makeup off my face.

Do you contour? If you do, what are your contouring tips?

I occasionally contour but it really isn’t my forte, so I don’t really have much as far as tips except make sure you blend everything in well.

Who’s your makeup idol?

I don’t really have a makeup idol whom I worship, but my friend Sarah has definitely been an inspiration to me because her makeup skills are pretty rad.

What is your skin type?

I have relatively normal skin as far as not being too oily or dry, but certain areas, such as the T-zone, I can get slightly more dry and oily depending on the area within the T-zone.

What are some of your other obsessions?

All of the coffee, tattoos, music of almost any genre, powerlifting, and my animals when they aren’t being sassy little brats.

What do you think is your signature makeup look?

I usually stick with a slight winged eyeliner, mascara, filled brows, and some cover-up.

Do you watch beauty tutorials on YouTube? Tell us who you love and why.

I will watch tutorials but I don’t have any specific favorites that are my go-to. Usually whatever applies to the look that I’m attempting that day.

What is your beauty motto?

Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not take away from it.

Is there a makeup look you long for that you just can’t pull off or one that you haven’t been able to create?

I have been really working on trying to get the cut-crease down. I have a slight cut-crease in my picture which took me forever to do and it still isn’t that great.

How long does it take you to do your makeup on an average day?

Usually around 30-45 minutes, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling.

How much money per month would you say you spend on makeup? No judgement, our blog is called the three BROKE bunnies, after all.

Some months I’ll spend next to nothing and other months, it could be upwards of $200.

Are you surprised that any of your makeup products are/aren’t cruelty free. Please speak on that.

99% of the makeup I use is actually cruelty free, which is awesome! Too Faced is my go-to for foundation, cover up, mascara and eyeshadow palettes. Anastasia Beverly Hills for my brows and lip stain, and Urban Decay for my other eyeshadow palettes.


Thank you, Kara, for answering our questions as a Guest Bunny and for sharing your views on makeup. You’re proof that makeup and badassery go hand in hand.


The Bunnies 


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    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I apply makeup with my fingers as well – but that’s mostly because I’m lazy. Kara is a wizard haha Thanks for reading!

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