Guest Bunny – Lauren

My husband has introduced me to a whole slew of rad people, and one of the raddest is this bubbly blonde, Lauren. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but also has a badass side. She’s a self-proclaimed grandma who likes to go to bed early, but can also drink you under the table on her good days. When I found out she is a chemist who makes makeup for a living I was both super impressed and not at all surprised. If there was ever the perfect personality for that job it’s Lauren – super intelligent and super girly. She always looks amazing and she knows a whole other side to this makeup thing. Welcome to our blog, Lauren!

LaurenHi! My name is Lauren and I am from Idaho Falls, ID. I have loved anything beauty related since I can remember. A faithful trip to the MAC counter the first time changed my life forever. It was that day I decided my life goal was to become a MAC makeup artist and one day create my own cosmetic line. I began spending all my free time reading any book about cosmetics and creating my dream makeup line on paper. Goals changed over the years, but my childhood goal of working in the cosmetic industry never wavered. I now work as a cosmetic chemist for a contract manufacture. I spend my days writing, making, and testing formulas for cosmetics, skin care, and hair care.


What type of makeup can you not live without?

Medium coverage foundation with SPF. It helps even out my freckly skin tone and protect my fair skin from UV Rays.

What’s the best makeup tip you can give to idiots like Chelsy that don’t know shit about makeup?

Take the time to find the correct shade of face makeup to match your skin tone. And don’t be afraid to buy lighter or darker shades as seasons change.

How comfortable do you feel wearing no makeup at all?

I would say give me a little SPF tinted moisturizer and some brows and I’ll be comfortable facing the world.

Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?

Clean fingers for any liquid foundation. Brushes/sponges produce a great finish, but the damp feeling left on the brush from a liquid product drives me crazy.  If I was ambitious enough to clean my brushes/sponges daily, I would definitely use them for application.

On average, how many days a week do you wash your face instead of sleeping with makeup on? How serious are you about skin care?

Extremely serious about skin care. I’m willing to try/add anything into my routine if it produces results. Sorry to my boyfriend for my now 30 step nighttime skin care regimen 🙂

Do you contour? If you do, what are your contouring tips?

I read a recent interview with Bobbi Brown where she discussed resisting the pressure to create a contour palette for her line. She said contouring is like telling people there is something wrong with their face. I found it to be an interesting thought given how popular the contouring trend has become.

Who’s your makeup idol?

There have been many over the years. My first idols were Bobbi Brown*, Kevyn Aucoin, and Paula Begoun. Their books became my bibles and I read them cover to cover multiple times. They really taught me makeup, skin care, and product fundamentals.

What is your skin type?

Very dry and sensitive.

What are some of your other obsessions?

Charlie (my Yorkie), bags/purses, toast, workout clothes, peanut butter, the gym, retinol, and my teal (love teal!) mountain bike.

What do you think is your signature makeup look?

Simple yet fun. Unless it’s the weekend you will find me wearing a single eyeshadow color-in the same shade I’ve been wearing for years. I add a thick eye liner and bold lashes to make the look more fun. Oh and brows of course!

Do you watch beauty tutorials on YouTube? Tell us who you love and why.

Honestly, no. I’ve been a devoted Allure reader for years. Old habits die hard, but it’s my favorite way to learn tips and tricks.

What is your beauty motto?

The key to great makeup is great skincare.

Is there a makeup look you long for that you just can’t pull off or one that you haven’t been able to create?

Oh definitely winged eyeliner! I recently had a makeup artist teach me the technique and I love how it looks but I am completely terrified to try it myself. The key is ensuring both eyes look the same-not easy!

How long does it take you to do your makeup on an average day?

Probably 30ish minutes. 20 minutes for brows and ten for everything else 😉

How much money per month would you say you spend on makeup? No judgement, our blog is called the three BROKE bunnies, after all.

Hmm… On average probably $50-$100 per month. I can make most products last a long time but eyeliner and mascara are regular purchases.

Are you surprised that any of your makeup products are/aren’t cruelty free. Please speak on that.

It seems most brands are moving towards cruelty free. Consumers are demanding that brands make ethical decisions when choosing ingredients and developing products. Now more than ever, consumers are taking the time to read labels to fully understand what ingredients are being used and where those ingredients are derived. The industry has come a long way in such a short period of time.

*Bobbi Brown is not cruelty free


Thank you, Lauren, for being a Guest Bunny on our little makeup blog. We are so jealous of your rad job. We’d also love it if you let us borrow your Yorkie, Charlie.


The Bunnies 


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