Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil

7I never gave my eyebrows a ton of thought, other than just making sure I had two of them. My eyebrows bug me, actually. They are definitely sisters, not twins.  In one cigarette lighting gas stove incident in high school, my eyebrows have never been the same – or the same distance from my nose. It really bugs me…

Anyway, way back in June of last year I made a list of all of my everyday products in my introduction to this blog. Other than my chapstick, none of the items I used were cruelty free. Since then, I have been working to gradually change out my old products for cruelty free products. In an effort to replace a Revlon brow pen I was using, I bought this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil. Ulta was having a half off sale on this item, so I ran out and grabbed it.

As a disclaimer, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my makeup 90% of IMG_1892-1-800x683the time. My brows are no different. I know eyebrows are real big right now, and everyone’s brows on Instagram (damn you all) look amazing. Mine don’t look that great – nor do I really understand the technique. In an everyday situation, I just use this pencil to fill them in. On my days off from work, I outline them to give them an actual shape and make them not look as ridiculous.

One side of this pencil has a little brush, and the other side is the pencil. It’s very thin and precise, and I really love it. I don’t have a ton to compare it to, but this pencil fits my needs perfectly. Whether I’m just filling in or needing a precise line this pencil is doing it for me. It took me about 100 years to figure out which shade to use (I think there are 10) but I ended up with a color that works well enough.

I’m not really big into super awesome well-done eyebrows for my face. Since the rest of my face isn’t done up that much, it would probably look weird if my eyebrows were on fleek and the rest of my face was more natural. I don’t make them really dark, and I try to stick to a natural-ish look. When I screw up, the pencil is easy to erase with a Q-tip but it doesn’t rub off and look crazy through the day either.

Someday I’ll actually figure out how to do my eyebrows, or make them look like twins, or maybe the hair will grow back from that one time I lit my cigarette with a gas stove… But until then I’ll be using this brow pencil. 10/10 for me!


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