Catching Up with Chelsy’s Continued Lack of Makeup Knowledge

Back in June of 2016, I wrote my very first little bio about myself and my connection to makeup on our blog. I discussed not understanding anything Laura or Trisha talk about in our work chat in regards to makeup (I still mostly don’t) and how makeup has been a part of my life. I went from no makeup, to blue eyeshadow, to black everything, to functional makeup. Today I’ve come a little further in my makeup game. I still wear super minimal makeup on the daily, I still go for affordable prices, and I still don’t know as much as I wish I knew.

In the last year and some change, I’ve discovered a lot about cruelty-free products and makeup in general. I love the makeup world because so many women are helpful and passionate about it. In the past year-ish that I’ve been talking to people about makeup, not one woman has been rude or condescending about makeup, or about cruelty-free products. Mostly they have been excited to talk to me about it, and curious about cruelty-free.

A lot of my choices have been switching from products like Covergirl to products like NYX. I’ve discovered that they aren’t as expensive as I imagined and that BB cream is awesome. I have also discovered I can go a little out of my comfort zone with lip colors and that the upkeep isn’t so difficult. So, here is my routine and tools now that I’ve made a conscious effort over a year to buy products that are cruelty free.

My Routine


  • A set of unicorn makeup brushes from Lo, my fingers, and I bought a sponge but I don’t really get how to use it. Some things never change


  • Haha last time I wrote “water” because I’m a boner. Now I use Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream. However, note that I purchased this before some Burt’s Bees controversy began in the cruelty free world. Spoiler: they may not be on the cruelty-free list any longer.


  • Last time my list didn’t even include primer. Nor did I know what it was or why I needed it. Now, I use NYX BB cream in nude. This was also given to me by Lo (without her I have no makeup) and I love it so much that sometimes I just use this as my foundation.


  • This is the most expensive change in my list as I’m still using Kat Von D’s Lock-it Foundation in light warm. I will probably switch once it’s gone since it’s pretty drying on me. However, so little goes so far that I’ll probably have it for the next 600 years.


  • I’ll include the highlighter I have because I have it, though I still don’t know what the hell i’m doing with it. I put it on but I might as well be brushing an empty brush on my face because I can’t tell a difference. However, I am using bareMinerals Invisible Light powder duo. I think Lo gave me this, too…


  • I’ve used a couple different powders since my switch to cruelty-free products. I’ve used a bareMinerals powder, a white finishing powder by NYX, and now I’m using a pressed nude powder by Wet n Wild which I LOVE. It also cost about $3, which means I’ll be using this for the rest of time.


  • NYX eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. It’s super functional and great for me. I prefer the pencils over liquid liners any day.


  • I mostly use Coastal Accents Revealed Matte Palette. Given to me by Lo, surprise. (Damn, I owe her some makeup.) I also use NYX Dream Catcher Palette. I love both and I use each for different occasions.


  • NYX Provocateur 1 brush, 2 styles. I love this mascara, and it was affordable. Also uses two brushes, one thick one tiny and I use both consistently.


  • I now use a blush by Tarte called “Paaarty” and I got it for free from Sephora for my birthday. It’s really pigmented and I use it when I’m feeling fancy.


  • My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz chocolate brow pencil experience has been documented and I love it.


  • I still don’t use lipstick on a daily basis. HOWEVER I’ve discovered that lip colors are so fun and I’m really getting into fun lips. Here are my favorites: Queen B by Two Faced, Push Up by NYX, and Exorcism by Kat Von D. My daily go-to is still the only cruelty-free item on my first list: Carmex Moisture Plus.


  • Here’s another one that wasn’t on my list before. Now I use NYX’s Dewy Finish setting spray.

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