Review — Ilike Apple and Lemon Whipped Moisturizer

apple and lemon

Besides a chance to interview their senior vice president, Szep Elet was also kind enough to send us samples of their apple and lemon whipped moisturizer. Here’s our review!


The product description on Szep Elet’s site explains that this moisturizer “leads to a brighter looking complexion for oily and uneven skin.” Considering my skin is combination-leaning-dry, I was a little worried that it might not pack the moisturizing punch I needed. Boy was I wrong, lol. This is one of those great moisturizers where a little goes a long way . That’s a good thing, as 1.7 ounces of it will set you back $68. It went on heavy — think Pond’s face cream heavy — but soaked in completely within a few minutes, leaving no greasy residue. It left my skin feeling soft, and after a couple of weeks of use, I noticed the dry patches around my nose were considerably better.

So far, there are only two “cons”. One, I was slightly disappointed in the smell (I was expecting something akin to apples and lemons), but it was still pleasant and not overpowering. Two, I found that this could not be worn under makeup. I usually apply my moisturizer in the morning just before doing my makeup, but with the apple and lemon moisturizer on, my makeup refused to adhere to my face — even with a good primer. Fortunately there was an easy fix; I just switched to using it as a night cream. All in all, I give it a 4/5!


I don’t know what my skin is anymore. “Combination” sounds just vague enough to work in describing it. Sometimes it’s oily, sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s sensitive, and sometimes it’s just skin. For this reason, it’s hard to find a product that makes sense for my face that’s always having an identity crisis. This moisturizer is in categories for oily skin, acne, and inflamed skin. My skin is all of those things sometimes, so I thought I’d see what happened. For me, it seemed to be pretty rad. It was light, creamy, easy to use, and didn’t leave me feeling sticky or wet like some moisturizers do. My face felt softer, so much so that I kept touching it, which is stupid, but I couldn’t help it. Apple-Lemon-Whipped-Moisturizer1

However, I ran out quickly. We all received a small sampler and I went through all of mine. Maybe I used too much? Both Laura and Trisha said a little went a long way for them. Maybe my skin is super absorbent? Maybe I went overboard in using it? The directions tell you to use a thin layer, so perhaps it’s best to follow those instructions. Either way, with the $68.00 price tag for 1.7 fl oz., it’s not the right product for this broke bunny. I was also expecting it to smell fresh, like apples and lemons like the name implies, but it does not. However, I prefer no smell to too much smell. The name is definitely more about its raw ingredient list that includes apples, lemons, marigolds, and others. Even though I was expecting it to smell a certain way, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Overall, I really liked this product. I love the raw ingredients, I dig the company and their values, and I liked the way it made my face feel. However, the price portion of this item is unrealistic for me. For that reason, I give this product a 4/5!


I want to start off by saying that I think this is a beautiful product. As Laura said, a little bit of this moisturizer goes a long way and I still haven’t used it all up yet. I did catch some apple and lemon notes in the scent, but it wasn’t overpowering at all. It definitely smelled fresh and if they cared to pack it with more scent, I don’t think I would have been upset. However, I understand that this is a facial moisturizer and too much scent can irritate the skin, so I think it’s got a good balance already.

As far as how it worked on my skin, I was disappointed. I don’t doubt that this is a fantastic product, but my skin is extremely sensitive. It will often react negatively to new products for a day or two just because my skin is a jerk like that. So, knowing that about my skin, I tried this moisturizer for five days. I used it in the morning when I showered and in the evening if I needed to wash my face. My skin didn’t agree with this product at all, which was so sad because it feels so velvety and smooth on the skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy after application. Yet, my face broke out in small blemishes all over. I was hoping that my skin would get used to it after a day or two, because like I said it likes to be finicky all the time, but it just didn’t want to get better.

The blemishes were only a few to start, but then it increased and just wouldn’t calm down. I had tiny bumps everywhere and after the fifth day of trying, I decided to stop because it was becoming overwhelming. I switched back to my usual moisturizer and the bumps cleared up pretty much overnight. Its a nice product and I don’t want to waste it, so my fiance is now using it on his face and he loves it!

My skin is oily and can sometimes be uneven, which is who this product is supposed to be for, but I think the sensitivity of my skin just got in the way. I’m not sure if there’s an ingredient in particular that my skin didn’t enjoy, but it usually does not take longer than five days for my skin to agree with a new product. Unfortunately, I don’t think this product is one that my skin could get used to. Just based on that fact alone, I’d have to give this moisturizer a 3/5, which breaks my heart because I really wanted it to work for my skin. However, I’m so grateful that I was given the chance to try it and maybe I’ll try some other products from their line in the future.

If you’re interested in buying the apple and lemon whipped moisturizer, you can pick up a jar here!


*Three Broke Bunnies were not  financially compensated for this post. We received a free sample for review purposes. The opinions stated are completely our own and based on our experience.*


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