Welcome to Three Broke Bunnies! We’re three coworkers with very different views on makeup, and honestly, we’re just doing this for shits and giggles. Despite our differences, one thing we can agree on is that there’s no need for animal testing when it comes to makeup.

The Bunnies

TrishaHi, I’m Trisha! I usually keep my makeup simple, but I’m a sucker for a bold lip. If I could only have one makeup product it would be some brow filler. The one thing I need in this world is a strong brow…that and maybe some black skinny jeans.

Skin Type: Translucent, veiny white and slick as an oil spill.

Favorite Product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen

Current Obsession: Obtaining a perfectly balanced color collection of liquid lipsticks, my tiny Boston Terrier puppy – Nymeria, chocolate covered mangoes, and feeling like a real adult who has a car with power locks and A/C.

Personal Site: thatdangvegan


ChelsyHi, I’m Chelsy, and I don’t know shit about makeup. I’ve always bought what’s cheap and slapped it on my face in hopes that I don’t look like I don’t know what I’m doing. But I’m passionate about animals and I’m learning about the makeup world – one winged eye at a time.

Skin type: Almost as pale as Lo but with buckets of oil

Favorite Product: I’ll let you know when I discover it

Current Obsessions: Sharks, cats, bad reality television, unicorns, German Shepherds, and out of date rock music

Personal Site: Chelsy Scribbles


NSqhXyiyHello, I’m Lo, and I’m a makeup addict. Seriously though, Ulta could create a triple platinum status and I’d probably achieve it by September. I think about makeup more than is probably healthy, but I’ve made peace with it.

Skin Type: Ghostly Pale, Dry

Favorite Product: Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

Current Obsessions: Liquid Lipsticks, Marvel Comics, Dogs, Game of Thrones, Cheese, David Bowie, Sailor Moon

Personal Site: Instant Lo

The Disclaimer

Our site is still a baby, so we have yet to receive any free product or sponsorship. Everything we review is paid for out-of-pocket, and our opinions are not only our own, they’re unflinchingly honest. If in the future we do receive free product, we’ll totes let you know — we won’t lie to our readers, that’s for damn sure.